Ubiwhere Smart Lamp Post

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Ubiwhere Smart Lamp Post
UbiWhere Smart Lamp Post.jpg
Company UbiWhere
Sector Transportation
Industry Transportation
Product Type Manufactured Goods
Description Lamppost
Availability Worldwide

A future-proof solution that is changing the ways cities evolve, in a flexible and cost-effective way, tackling current e-mobility and communication needs.

Smart Lighting

This efficient LED-based solution takes electricity cost reduction to a whole new level. It makes use of LoRaWAN technology and a powerful web application making it easy to remotely manage, control and schedule the luminaire’s lighting operation mode. Besides asset and lighting management, it offers powerful analytics and real-time malfunction reporting capabilities, which allows for additional maintenance cost reduction.

EV Charging

The optional EV charging module is capable of charging any electrical vehicle compatible with the IEC 61851 and its 3 mode charging outlet provides an output power ranging from 3.7 to 22 kVA. These chargers follow the OCPP communication protocol, which allows for an effective monitoring solution via its built-in 3G or WiFi network interface.

Elegant Neutral Hosting

Neutral hosting solution for easy 4G & 5G deployment in a cost-effective manner, through small cell and virtualization technology. This allows Network Operators to enhance their operational capacity by either having exclusive access to these small cells or through an innovative subscription model where such resources are shared. Besides cellular connectivity, it allows for a quick WiFi network deployment, where the captive portal can be adjusted to the specific scenario.

Edge Computing

A new computing paradigm, where typical cloud services are brought closer to the end user. It allows massive IoT solutions to scale properly and for innovative applications to the surface, whose latency and bandwidth requirements are key. This is the extra mile that Network Operators and municipalities can go to leverage and monetize this new cloud to deploy applications and services.