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Philadelphia, PA

From: 23 Apr 2006 - To - 26 Apr 2006

Description: Philadelphia has a long rich history. The Philadelphia story is no longer just about its proud past, but more and more it’s about the present and the future. The public and private sectors have committed to regaining Philadelphia’s prominence as a Great City — the results to date are impressive: claiming the resources of the rivers for jobs, housing and amenities; leveraging resources to undertake signature development projects; conducting private sector-led fundraising campaigns to embark on major global marketing and economic development campaigns; working in regional collaboration.

This city is not without its challenges…but it is determined to become the city of choice for new and expanding businesses, families, students and workers. While the contrasts between the two cities are numerous, there are many comparisons. Portland will learn a great deal from Philadelphia on this trip.

Key program elements:

  • regional collaboration – business, ports, governments, higher education, economic development organizations how
  • Philadelphia is moving its way back up the ‘attractive cities for business’ ladder
  • significance of strong business leadership in achieving economic development goals
  • government’s role in providing a good place to do business – policies, infrastructure, incentives, taxes
  • innovation and entrepreneurship as stimulus for economic growth
  • reclaiming natural resources (e.g. waterfronts) for jobs, housing, quality of life
  • development projects luring workers, families back to the center city
  • sports, tourism and cultural impacts on local economy

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