The 5th Annual Symposium on the Digital Person

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Title The 5th Annual Symposium on the Digital Person
Description The use of personal data is of enormous global concern. The Symposium on the Digital Person is an annual event organized by the HAT Community Foundation (HCF) and Dataswyft that discusses personal data from three perspectives: Digital personhood, law, freedom and democracy (humanities) Value, economics and markets (social science) Data analytics, data science and technology (science and technology).
Start Date March 1, 2022
End Date March 1, 2022
Location Online
Website Website
Virtual Access Yes

Participants include industry captains, policy makers, government representatives as well as thought leaders from the sciences, humanities and social sciences domains who come together for discussions relating to law, computer science, history, sociology, entrepreneurship, business, economics and the global society.


The theme for the 5th Symposium on the Digital Person is The Empowered Digital Person: Global Projects with Data Passports and Personal Data Servers, addressing the problem statement of equity and economic justice, as well as how Personal Data infrastructure technology is now unlocking entire markets for SMEs across verticals.

The Symposium on March 1 will uncover projects in our ecosystem that are leveraging Data Passports and Personal Data Accounts (PDAs) to rapidly transform business models, and hopefully, entire verticals. Their emerging innovations are delivering commercial breakthroughs through data portability, whilst providing individuals with greater agency and rights, all resulting in market solutions that are finally achieving organic scalability, equity and economic balance.

Proposed Programme

9am-3pm: The Ecosystem

Showcasing projects in the ecosystem:

  • Health and Wellness: The SejutaKG community weight-loss tracking platform on using Data Passports to launch a nationwide campaign in Malaysia to collectively lose one million kilograms (Watch the pre-Symposium conversation with SejutaKG)
  • Finance: IFC on bringing decentralised financial visibility and on-demand credit scoring to small merchants in South East Asia (Watch the pre-Symposium conversation with IFC)
  • Travel and Tourism:, a trip planning and management platform on data portability in tourism and travel (Watch the pre-Symposium conversation with Wejugo)
  • Smart Cities: Urban Systems will discuss how Data Passporting and PDAs can be used in the context of smart cities. (Watch the pre-Symposium conversation with Urban Systems)

3.30pm-5pm: The Digital Person

Anchoring the 5th Symposium will be the annual discussion on the current state of the digital person, decentralisation, transformation and business models breaking new ground globally. This afternoon panel session will be moderated by Dr Jim Spohrer, with panelists Professors Jon Crowcroft, Irene Ng & Youngjin Yoo presenting the following:

  • Digital Identity & Trust: Cornerstones of the Digital Economy (Jon Crowcroft)
  • The End of the Beginning: The Emergence of Next-Generation Digital Platforms (Youngjin Yoo)
  • State of the Digital Person: Progress, Challenges and Opportunities (Irene Ng)

Read further details of the presentations

About the Panellists
Jon Crowcroft, FRS, FREng is the Marconi Professor of Communications Systems in the Computer Laboratory of the University of Cambridge and the Chair of the Programme Committee at the Alan Turing Institute. Professor Jon Crowcroft is distinguished for his many seminal contributions to the development of the Internet and is a fellow of Wolfson College, Cambridge.
Irene Ng is Professor of Marketing and Service Systems, WMG, University of Warwick and the CEO of Dataswyft. Professor Irene Ng is also a Turing Fellow and the creator of the Personal Data Account infrastructure powered by the HAT Microserver. She specialises in market design economics and service ecosystems and is the author of “Creating New Markets in the Digital Economy” published by Cambridge University Press.
Youngjin Yoo is the Elizabeth M. and William C. Treuhaft Professor in Entrepreneurship and Professor of Information Systems at the department of Design & Innovation at the Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University. An Association of Information Systems Fellow, he is also WBS Distinguished Research Environment Professor at Warwick Business School, UK. He is the founding faculty director of xLab at Case Western Reserve University.
About the Moderator
Dr. Jim Spohrer is a retired IBM executive and on the board of directors of the International Society of Service Innovation Professionals ( He specializes in service science and open-source trusted Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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