Irene Ng

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Irene Ng
Name Irene Ng
Company Dataswyft
Company Position CEO & Founder
City, State Cambridge UK
Country United Kingdom
Sectors Data
Smart Region
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EKYC.jpg Citizen App
Citizen App, the first of its kind, empower individuals to claim and legally own their data from across multiple sources, then use it securely and seamlessly in everyday life.

Blueprint Chapters

OpenDateChapter.jpg Open Data
The way to think about data is as a new currency – a store of value. What is the value of data, it is a similar question to what is the value of the USD or GBP. The answer for the value of USD is that it is a “basket of goods” because the USD is a store of (potential) value. Stuff you can spend the USD on.


DataSwiftWebinar.png Mobelizing Data to Create Data Markets
The boundary between the physical and the digital has disappeared. Our health, our finances, our shopping, our things - they are now fully digitized and exist in the form of data. This webinar will discuss how this data can be mobelized to create markets. The presentation will discuss 2 case studies on the markets forming around finance and health data.