Tech-secure City

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Tech-secure City
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New Taipei City
Team Organizations IBM Corporation
Team Leaders Lin
Participating Municipalities New Taipei City


“Smart police” take advantage of ICT development which can ensure citizen’s high quality of life, improve effective and accurate services, reduce police’s burden and increase citizens’ satisfaction. That’s the reason we utilize ICT and innovative strategies to deploy and construct a safe city.


  • Nearly 4 million populations, yet only 7100 police, one police serves about 560 people. To make up for shortage of police and leverage security.
  • With broad domain (29 administrative districts), and diverse complex environment.


Major Requirements

  • Project contents
  1. Public security governance decision-making info service system
  2. Real-time traffic order enforcement & e-service system
  3. Integration (including 110 duty command, surveillance, investigation systems, dispatch system etc)
  4. Criminal investigation collection, big data analyzing and facial recognition
  5. Network with community, professional training, upgrade equipment
  • Project subsystems: Expert databases, GIS, M-police devices, Traffic enforcement and service system, 110 command center hotline, Surveillance system, Intelligent image identification system, civil and police forces collaborations, Tech-assisted investigation

Performance Targets

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Measurement Methods
  • Efficiency: The average time of police arrival is from 329 seconds down to 237 seconds. (2012-2016)
  • More safety: The clearance rate arises from 80.24% to 92.66%. (2011-2015)
  • Citizens’ satisfaction toward public security from 60% to 76.3%. (2011-2017)
  • Consecutive 3 years Top 1 safe city in Taiwan. (By Global Views Magazine 2014-2016)

Standards, Replicability, Scalability, and Sustainability

  • Concepts of leading safe city, we benefit from our high-density of broadband infrastructure, ICT systems and innovative strategies.
  1. Detect and prevent beforehand
  2. React and response in time
  3. Inspect and analyze afterwards
  • Big data, scientific and ICT foundation: The development of ICT not only improves the level of residents’ convenience but also benefit governments a lot in many ways.
  • Executive governance: Proactive attitude/ Integration & Collaboration& Connection
  • Innovation & collaboration

Cybersecurity and Privacy


  • Make up for shortage of police
  • Not only reduce the criminal cases and increase crime clearance rate, but also do the prevention in advanced
  • Community network, civic participation
  • Collaborate with industries


  • Demonstration of how Tech-secure City works.
  • Video or brochures for guests for further understanding.

In segment Public Safety

Year Started 2017