Smart parking meter and road side parking management

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Smart parking meter and road side parking management
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Road Side Parking Management
Team Organizations Tainan City Bureau of Transportation
Tainan University of Technology
Team Leaders T.C. Michael Chang
Participating Municipalities Tainan Taiwan
Status Launched
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Road side parking management is a labor intensive work with lots of human errors. Meters were outdated and seldom used in road side parking management. A new device of iot tested and applied in Tainan is now proved to be a successful solution for efficient road side parking management. .


  • Road side parking is difficult to manage. It consumes lots of human labor which is now a scarce resource in Taiwan.
  • Traditional meters still need human labors to watch overtime parking then ticketing. Hardware investment of parking meter is also numerous, if equipped with WiFi or credit card payment.


  • A new road side parking meter with advanced AVI and IOT technology are introduced in this project.

Major Requirements

Project contents

  • Tainan University of Technology initialized this project to solve the problems of road side parking next to the University.
  • Acer provided a prototype of smart parking meter with management software and user friendly parking app.
  • Tainan City Government approved the testing site in Tainan University of Technology, and approved dual direction access to both parking databases.
  • Successful field test from January to July 2017. Will soon expend to whole city in 2018.
  • PPP among Acer Corporation, Tainan University of Technology, and Tainan City Government play critical roles in this project.

Project subsystems

  • AVI, parking space availability detection, parking management database, GIS, smart payment gateway, RFID mifare card reader, visa wave and apple pay reader, swap battery system

Performance Targets

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Measurement Methods
  • Less 50% carbon emission for on-vehicle parking space searching. (2016/2017)
  • 200+% parking space turnover rate
  • 300+% parking revenue per parking space when smart meter applied. (2016/2017)
  • Statistics from parking services, 2016 and first half of 2017

Standards, Replicability, Scalability, and Sustainability

  • This project will soon be expended to different area around Tainan city. It is now also under POB process in both Taipei city and Kaohsiung City. The concept of this meter is simply park and go. Drivers are allowed to pay over the parking meter with cash cards, parking apps, or linked bank account. No cash or coin allowed.
  • System expandable: This system is currently expending from less than testing sites to 2,000 real world parking spaces. The system can hold up to manage 100,000 spaces.
  • Cross boarder: Weather proof. Parking rules rewritable to fit different regulations of cities and countries.
  • Self-sustainable: Generate double to triple parking revenue, more than enough for system construction and maintenance.
  • Environmentally friendly: Precisely guide driver to empty parking space, lessening 3-5 minutes for searching in average, reducing considerable GHG emission for 15 million parking searching every year.

Cybersecurity and Privacy



  • Make up for shortage of ticketing labor for road side parking
  • Reduce the mistakes of human errors
  • Enhance road side parking turnover
  • Increase Parking Revenue
  • Management parking spaces efficiently
  • Reduce GHG emission of parking space searching


  • Exhibition Booth decorations
  • Video or brochures for guests for further understanding
  • Physical equipment road show (if time permits).