Smart Waste Management System

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Smart Waste Management System
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Smart Waste Management System
Team Organizations NOKIA
Team Leaders Vara Talari Nehemiah
Head of SI Portfolio.
Participating Municipalities Zagreb
Status Launched
Website NA
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Smart Waste is a system that enables direct cost reduction with easy to deploy smart sensor supporting up to 10 years of operational autonomy for remote waste container fill level measuring, geolocation, temperature, tilt, and collection routes optimization# Major flood event every year cause large amounts of residential and commercial damage


  1. Waste collection trucks capacity are not fully utilized
  2. Waste container fill levels are not known at the time truck rolls for collection means collection route is not optimized


The Waste Management solution installs sensor inside existing waste container. Sensor usages cellular network connection to send data in to cloud based waste application and analytics platform

Major Requirements

  1. Define and assemble project team
  2. Identify waste & container types and its location
  3. Create scope and requirements
  4. Develop project plan for deployment
  5. Create and load metadata like waste collection trucks, drivers, work hours, truck depo, waste drops, etc.
  6. Test e2e solutionUpdate existing Dashboard application source code to show the data received from sensors and modification of User Interface of the dashboard.

Performance Targets

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Measurement Methods
  1. Waste collection frequency
  2. Fuel consumption of truck
  1. Sensor based fill level reporting to define waste collection over 1-2 months compared to current practice
  2. Truck capacity, collection route and mileage utilization over 1-2months compared to current practice

Standards, Replicability, Scalability, and Sustainability

  1. Ultralow power sensor with any existing cellular connectivity’s and multitenant SaaS solution ready to deploy without any modification
  2. Return of investment within 6-8months is anticipated

Cybersecurity and Privacy

  • Senor and smart waste application do not store end user personal sensitive data
  • Geolocation of container data is transported using secure encrypted channel provided by cellular network
  • Waste application is stored in cloud with user and admin authorization and authentication for given tenant portfolio


  • Direct cost reduction of up to 40% in fuel and overall waste logistic
  • Existing waste container can be used


  1. Sensor installation inside waste container or on display panel
  2. Sensor activation for data collection
  3. Web portal for Smart Waste Management solution
  4. Portable device (tablet or mobile phone) for driver application

In segment Utility

Year Started 2018