Smart Beyoğlu: Digital Recollection of Beyoğlu

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Smart Beyoğlu: Digital Recollection of Beyoğlu
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Smart Beyoğlu: Digital Recollection of Beyoğlu
Team Organizations Beyoğlu Municipality Directorate of Information Technologies
Dijital Kent Yazılım Eğitim İth. İhr. San. Tic. A.Ş.
Gazisoft Bilişim San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.
Team Leaders Erol Ökten
Deputy Mayor of Beyoğlu Municipality
Participating Municipalities Beyoğlu Municipality
Status Development


Smart Beyoğlu is a mobile application project which provides fast access to all transactions related to the municipality and solutions for the citizens and business owners in Beyoğlu. Local and foreign tourists can get a lot of information such as details, location of business, hotels, restaurants etc., historical buildings and cultural events. It is a mobile app project that allows them to set up a network.


The project has not been launched yet. The foreseen challenge is incudes that insufficient number of users and information security. The solutions to be applied for these challenges that proper promotion of the application via conventional and social media as well as encouragement to use by locals regarding local governance aspects. Also, the application is non-profit and belongs to local municipality which make easier to be trusted in terms of information security.


Major Requirements

Providing fast access and solutions for locals in Beyoğlu within the transactions with the Beyoğlu Municipality, Providing accurate information access at every point in Beyoğlu for locals and tourists, Ensuring that the people living in Beyoğlu and having the workplace have quick access to the municipal work and transactions and get results, Providing that the operations performed by the municipal staff working in the field are carried out the online platform.

Performance Targets

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Measurement Methods

Instant solutions for citizens’ claims and complaints regarding local governance, Up-to-date information about Beyoğlu in terms of life, arts and culture, entertainment and local municipal services

Measurement of the online completed transaction, Measurement of application usage intensity

Standards, Replicability, Scalability, and Sustainability

Since the menu contents in the application are filled in by the content owners, the application can easily be applied in each unit of settlement which makes the project can easily be designated to sustain.

Cybersecurity and Privacy

The frequency and strength of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks is on the rise. Through the exploitation of millions of insecure Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices, the creation of botnets waging highly distributed volumetric attacks is easier and more impactful than ever before. In addition to larger attack volumes, efforts are shifting from the network and transport layers to the application layer (layer 7). Application layer attacks are far more sophisticated, often requiring fewer resources to bring down a website or application, and can disrupt operations with even greater impact. Our provisions against DDoS attacks, including those that target UDP and ICMP protocols, SYN/ACK, are DNS and NTP amplification and Layer 7 attacks. Our global network has defended against sustained attacks over 20Gbps. By disrupting DNS resolution, a DNS flood attack will make a website, API, or web application non-performant or completely unavailable. In accordance with those, websites and applications require the resilience and intelligence of a scalable network to combat the biggest and newest attacks. Protecting against threats should not degrade performance caused by security induced latencies and security services must be easy to configure to eliminate misconfigurations, which introduce new vulnerabilities. In short, we take precautions at DDOS, SYN / ACK, HTTP Flood (Layer 7), DNS FLOOD, UDP Amplification (Layer 3 & 4).


Improving the quality of life for citizens and tourist in Beyoğlu, Facilitating applications and transactions related to Beyoğlu Municipality of citizens and business owners, Beyoğlu’s city branding has been strengthened and more tourists have been brought to Beyoğlu


Integrated system of the application will be presented.

In segment Data

Year Started 2018