Sheldon Drobot

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Sheldon Drobot
Name Sheldon Drobot
Company Ball Aerospace
Company Position Mission Area Lead
City, State Boulder CO
Country United States
Sectors Wellbeing
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IRISroom2.jpg Video Analytics for Orlando Public Safety
The project will create connected, city-wide mobile resources and systems to help improve the responses to a variety of challenges within the City of Orlando. Orlando is central city of 275,000 people, in an urban area of 2.4 million citizens, but with 68+ million visitors per year and the largest rental car market in the world. Thus, Orlando has some unique challenges with public safety and traffic. This project will meet the needs of several city departments and external agencies by ensuring cross-cutting and robust situational awareness for a variety of scenarios. It will allow for optimized deployments and expedited responses from police, fire fighters, emergency medical services, public works staff, transportation staff, special event managers, and external agencies which are obligated to provide mutual aid.