Schenectady Metroplex

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Schenectady Metroplex
Schenectady Metroplex.jpeg
Sector Wellbeing
Industrial Consumer Services
Business type Local Government
Year Founded 1998
Founder(s) State of New York
City, State Schenectady NY
Country United States
Region Served Local
Executives Jayme Lahut
Revenue $9.2M€ 7,820,000 <br />£ 7.084 <br />
Number of employees 5
Sponsorship Level Of Interest

The mission of the Schenectady Metroplex Development Authority is to:

  • enhance the long-term economic and social vitality as well as overall quality of life in Schenectady County through a comprehensive, coordinated program of economic development within the Metroplex service district with particular emphasis on downtown Schenectady;
  • attract, incentivize (when necessary) and leverage private investment through various forms of financial assistance;
  • assist with site acquisition assemblage, development and revitalization; and,
  • provide cooperative technical assistance and support through its participation in projects, programs and other initiatives.


Union-street.jpg City of Schenectady, NY: Enhanced City Services
As part of Schenectady’s Lower Union Street reconstruction Project that started in late 2015, Smart Lights have recently been installed that allow the control of lighting and other sensors to monitor devices as well as provide a small scale Public Wi-Fi deployment. This deployment, activated on June 20th 2017 as Schenectady’s contribution to World Wi-Fi Day 41 , gives residents, and visitors within a 5-block area of State Street (from Broadway to Lafayette) access to the internet and is helping to identify value for further Wi-Fi deployment. 42 Wi-Fi access points also allow the city to control smart lighting and other IoT sensors that help in evaluating the benefits of various accessories. This project is in coordination with additional Wi-Fi access in front of City Hall on Jay Street that is also available for residents and visitors to the city.


When was the Schenectady County Metroplex Development Authority created and why?

Metroplex was established in 1998 as a public benefit corporation by the State of New York to institute a comprehensive, coordinated program of economic development activities in the Route 5 and Route 7 corridors of Schenectady County, with a focus on downtown Schenectady.

What can Metroplex do?

The Metroplex enabling statute allows the Authority to design, plan, finance, site, construct, administer, operate, manage and maintain facilities within its service district.

How is Metroplex funded? Metroplex is funded through dedicated sales tax receipts derived from Schenectady County.