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Presidio logo.png
Sector Wellbeing
Industrial Consumer Services
Business type Public
Year Founded 2003
City, State New York NY
Country United States
Region Served Worldwide
Executives Bob Cagnazzi
Revenue $3.1B€ 2.728 <br />£ 2.294 <br />CA$ 3.937 <br />CNY 19.623 <br />KRW 3.799 <br />
Number of employees 2800
Sponsorship Level Of Interest

Global Digital Services and Solutions Provider delivering customers the secure cloud environments that form the backbone of digital transformation. We guide you from initial assessments, strategy and consulting – to implementation and deployment – to managed services that run IT for you, topped off with a suite of flexible financing and consumption options to simplify procurement. Services experts are thinkers AND doers focused on accelerating business outcomes for customers in all industries.


Schenectady Downtown Revitalization600.jpg City of Schenectady, NY: Enhanced City Services
As part of Schenectady’s Lower Union Street reconstruction Project that started in late 2015, Smart Lights have recently been installed that allow the control of lighting and other sensors to monitor devices as well as provide a small scale Public Wi-Fi deployment. This deployment, activated on June 20th 2017 as Schenectady’s contribution to World Wi-Fi Day 41 , gives residents, and visitors within a 5-block area of State Street (from Broadway to Lafayette) access to the internet and is helping to identify value for further Wi-Fi deployment. 42 Wi-Fi access points also allow the city to control smart lighting and other IoT sensors that help in evaluating the benefits of various accessories. This project is in coordination with additional Wi-Fi access in front of City Hall on Jay Street that is also available for residents and visitors to the city.