PowerMatcher Blockchain Transactive Energy

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PowerMatcher Blockchain Transactive Energy
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City of Manila
Team Organizations MaCT USA
Rowan University
University of Philippines
City of Manila (Philippines)
Team Leaders William J. Miller
Participating Municipalities City of Manila (Philippines)


This project makes use of PowerMatcher a software developed in the Netherlands. The project adds ISO/IEC/IEEE P21451-1-4 (Sensei-Iot) XMPP Interface to PowerMatcher to provide cyber protection.


  • Gaining cooperation with Smart Cities to participate
  • Linkage will be by wireless communications to PowerMatcher sites and data shared between test sites for analysis and testing
  • Demonstration of operation to aggregators/utiiltes
  • Connection to energy market


Major Requirements

  1. Gain support from participating smart cities
  2. Gain cooperation of organizations in the Netherlands
  3. Develop XMPP interface to PowerMatcher Flexible Energy Interface
  4. Deployment software in participating smart cities
  5. Analyze result to assure cyber protection
  6. Demonstrate capabilities to the community and local utilities as part of the community resilency programs

Performance Targets

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Measurement Methods

The test will be conducted in 3 different cities 2 in the US and 1 in Canada. The result will assure cyber protection of transaction in the energy markets that will provide consumers the ability to use renewable energy such as solar systems that can be used to balance the grid and avoid power disturbances.

Transactions will be tested over 6 months to observe operation and to assure that all data is encrypted and security measures are operating.

Standards, Replicability, Scalability, and Sustainability

  • PowerMatcher was developed in the Netherlands by the Flexible Energy Alliance Network (FAN) and will make use of ISO/IEC/IEEE P21451-1-4 (Sensei-IoT) XMPP Interface the 1st Semantic Web 3.0 Standard for the Internet for Things (IoT) Different sensor interfaces will be connected to PowerMatcher with an Energy Flexibility Interface API
  • With Federation of PowerMatcher nodes the systems can be replicated, highly scalable and sustainable. PowerMatcher is already used in 6 major cities in the Netherlands and now 1 in Germany. This would be the first use of PowerMatcher in the US

Cybersecurity and Privacy


The work of our Action Cluster will demonstrate that the energy grid can be balanced without intervention by the utility which can augment deployment of a community Microgrid and to allow consumers to benefit from the use of renewable energy system.


  • Phase I Pilot/Demonstration:

Initial test sites are selected and development of the collaborative secure interface for PowerMatcher using ISO/IEC/IEEE P21451-1-4 (Sensei-Iot).

  • Phase II Deployment:

System will have been tested and viewed by various utilities and ready for full scale operation aligning with deployments of community Microgrids project in the Smart Cities

In segment Utility

Year Started 2017