Portland Electric Avenue

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Portland Electric Avenue
Portland Electric Avenue
Team Organizations Portland General Electric
Portland State University
Team Leaders Darren Murtaugh
Participating Municipalities Portland OR
Sectors Transportation
Status Launched
Last Updated May 25, 2024


Electric Avenue officially opened at the World Trade Center Portland in 2016 and is located on the Northside of Southwest Salmon Street in downtown Portland. It offers street access charging stations to allow visitors to charge their personal electric vehicles while visiting the World Trade Center and neighboring offices.
The future of electric transportation isn’t tomorrow. It’s right now. There are currently more than 30,000 electric vehicles registered in Oregon, and in 2019, the Oregon legislature passed a bill setting a goal for 250,000 zero-emission vehicles to be registered by 2025. To support that anticipated growth, we’re accelerating the expansion of our Electric Avenues. Those charging stations will join a larger network of charging infrastructure that is being built across the state.