Point Cloud City - Hancock County Mississippi

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Point Cloud City - Hancock County Mississippi
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PSCR20 Hancock County Point Cloud City
Team Organizations NVision Solutions Inc.; NEI; GeoSlam
Team Leaders Joel Lawhead
Participating Municipalities Hancock County


Develop approaches which improve indoor mapping techniques and datasets in the US to make them more common and available for use nationwide.


Very few standards and best practices are available to create reliable, affordable and consistent indoor maps


The project will map 10 public schools comprising of 1,201,082 sq ft of indoor space with state of the art lidar. This data will be attributed with relevant public safety indoor features and available for nationwide use.

Major Requirements

  • Delivery of the Sensor to Hancock County
  • Training of personnel on data collection
  • Collection of first building
  • Processing of first dataset
  • Completion of first-building lidar attribution, and vector feature extraction
  • Completion of collection and processing for 5 buildings
  • Completion of all 10 schools
  • Availability of data on MARIS Distribution site
  • Availability of developed tools on GitHub
  • Final Report
  • Presentation of results to external stakeholders

Performance Targets

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Measurement Methods

The County seeks to improve the efficiency of a SWAT team to clear a building as an application of this data.

Measurement method will be time of a baseline test to complete a SWAT exercise vs. virtually exploring the building using VR methods.

Standards, Replicability, Scalability, and Sustainability

  • Common reference dataset for working groups to establish standards for indoor mapping
  • Use of commercially available sensor for replication of results
  • Data collection in common public buildings (schools)
  • Publishing of tools and methods used to derive results

Cybersecurity and Privacy

Data will be hosted on a State data clearing house website within the state’s IT infrastructure.

  • Data will be collected after hours to avoid any people in the dataset.
  • Data is being collected in public buildings only.


  • New and improved approaches in public safety tactics•Common standards and best practices for indoor maps
  • Increased public/private research into indoor mapping due to high-quality, widely available reference datasets
  • Increase in derivative technology research
  • Open-source tools to make processing indoor data and creating maps easier
  • Recognition of US as a global leader in Indoor Mapping technology


  • Data available for download on state geospatial data warehouse (Mississippi Automated Resource System)
  • Video of SWAT team preparation and exercise
  • Demonstration at expos using VR technology

In segment Public Safety

Year Started 2018