OneApp Oregon for low-income renters

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Published 2018-02-16
Point(s) of Contact Tyrone Poole
Organization(s) OneApp Oregon
Where Portland OR
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Press Release

Affordable housing advocates hope a new online program can help low-income renters find apartments they qualify for

OneApp Oregon was created as a solution to that challenge, one the company’s founder, Tyrone Poole, faced himself.

In 2005, Poole tore ligaments in his leg while training to be a firefighter. He spent more than nine months in and out of the hospital. He became homeless and ended up living in a homeless shelter in the Goose Hollow neighborhood for three months.

During that time, he filled out rental application after rental application. He estimates he paid more than $500 in application fees and was rejected by more than 10 housing units. He found an apartment, six blocks from the shelter, just as he neared the then-90-day limit there.