Mitsu Yamazaki

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Mitsu Yamazaki
Name Mitsu Yamazaki
Company Mitsu Yamazaki ltd
Company Position President and CEO
City, State Tokyo
Country Japan
Sectors Buildings
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KashiwanohaUrbanDesign.jpg Kashiwanoha Smart City Project
The Kashiwanoha smart city project (first described as Kashiwanoha International Campus Town Initiative) is a planned from scratch city project, involving a greenfield smart city vision, situated around Kashiwanoha Campus Station. Kashiwonoha smart city project is a privately-led project, with Mitsui Fudosan as the main developer. It was also the owner the previous owner of the golf course on which construction work of the project were first based. However, Kashiwa city was designated as one of the "FutureCities" by the national government in 2011, making Kashiwanoha new town project eligible for government subsidies.