Low Carbon Island and Smart Bay Project

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Low Carbon Island and Smart Bay Project
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Low Carbon Island
Team Organizations Taiwan Power Company
Chung-Hsin Electric and Machinery Group
Yushan Energy Pte. Ltd.
Team Leaders Lin Jie-Shin
Participating Municipalities Penghu County


Penghu County is located on the central point of Taiwan Strait. The population of Penghu is 103, 000 in 2017 and there are about 1 million tourists visit Penghu per year. Since 2011 Penghu had the Low Carbon Island project and now will start the following second phase from 2018 to 2021.

  • This project will build Penghu County as a low carbon island and smart bay demonstration area.
  • This project includes solar and wind power renewable energy development, offshore wind farm investment, smart grid system, electric vehicle, water and energy management system of small island and smart transportation service.
  • Penghu Bay is the member of the NGO The Most Beautiful Bays in the World and will host the world congress in Penghu Bay Taiwan early October 2018. Penghu County Government invites all the potential partners from the world to collaborate to build Penghu as a low carbon island and smart bay.


  • Penghu County has 90 small islands, the small island will face the diseconomy of small scale and need to find the proper system to provide the water, energy service.
  • Penghu main island needs to have an efficient application model for low carbon island and smart bay so to create the benefit for the tourism, fishery, island and marine governance and provide a better bay life for the people.
  • Penghu County needs all the possible partners from the world to work together to create a demonstration base in Taiwan Strait Asia.


Major Requirements

  • This project gets the fully support from the central government and the local government.
  • Taiwan Power Company will develop the wind power turbine construction and Penghu County Government will invite the other private consortium to participate in the offshore wind farm development.
  • Government land will be provided to the private investors to set up the solar power farm.
  • Taiwan Power Company will build the cable from Penghu main island to Taiwan mainland so to connect the electricity network.
  • The government will encourage the electric motorcycle and smart transportation system.
  • Chime island, the south of Penghu main island, will be the low carbon demonstration zone.

Performance Targets

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Measurement Methods

The existing wind power is 10.2 MW and the solar power is 8 MW.

  • Taiwan Power Company will build 33 MW wind power inland and start the 150 MW offshore wind farm plan.
  • Penghu County Government will cooperate with the potential private team to start the feasibility study of Taiwan Strait 4 GW offshore wind farm development plan.
  • There are 4100 electric motorcycles in Penghu County 2017 and will increase additional 2000 electric motorcycles and start the smart transportation system operation.
  • This project will increase solar power more than 10 MW.
  • Set up the smart energy management system at Penghu County.

Standards, Replicability, Scalability, and Sustainability

  • This project needs the participation from the private sector, central government, local government and the local communities to cooperate together.
  • Private sector will find the feasibility solution of environment, society, government regulation, technology, market and financing.
  • The government will provide assistance to the private sector to ensure the success of this project.

Cybersecurity and Privacy


  • This project will increase the renewable energy occupation rate of Penghu County and will reduce greenhouse gas emission from the existing vehicle.
  • Developing the green economy and setting up the low carbon life style in Penghu County.
  • This project will launch in 2018 and hope to expand the international cooperation network to build Penghu County as a low carbon island and smart bay.
  • Penghu County Government will invite all the possible partners to work together to find the successful business model so to promote to the other small islands in the world.


  • This project will launch in 2018.
  • The construction of 11 sets of 3 MW wind turbine will be finished in 2018 by Taiwan Power Company.
  • The 150 MW offshore wind farm will start the feasibility study in 2018, then decide the developer team. The potential 4 GW offshore wind farm in Taiwan Strait will start the feasibility. This is a large scale offshore wind farm plan.
  • The solar power farm construction will start in 2018.
  • The micro grid technology will demonstrate the combination of renewable energy and traditional diesel engine generator.
  • A package combines smart shuttle bus and electric motorcycle rental is proposed to provide service to the tourists.

In segment Utility

Year Started 2017