Levent Gürgen

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Levent Gürgen
Name Levent Gürgen
Company Kentyou
Company Position Founder and President
City, State Grenoble
Country France
Sectors Utility
Consulting: {{{skill}}}


BigClouT project aims at giving an analytic capability to cities exploiting available big data from sources such as IoT devices, open data, social networks, mobile applications, etc. and use them to improve the daily life of cities, their citizens and visitors. The target applications are:
  • Measuring the economic impact of large events organized in the city to the local economy, providing customized recommendations to the visitors (shopping, restaurants, sightseeing, etc.)
  • Improving the mobility of the citizens and visitors during important events such as big congresses, festivals, Olympic Games, etc.
  • Deployments and replications in 4 pilot cities in Europe and in Japan