Kenneth Thompson

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Kenneth Thompson
Name Kenneth Thompson
Company Jacobs
Company Position Technology Fellow
City, State Castle Rock CO
Country United States
Sectors Utility
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Researchproject2.jpg Non-Revenue Water Monitoring and Reduction Using Advanced LTE Communications Gwinnet County GA
Install the first LTE communications base instrumentation in a pilot area and develop algorithms for understanding the elements of non-revenue water (lost water) as a means to reduce the cost of water delivery, improve management of scarce water resources, improve system operations, and save money for customers. The pilot will use advanced instrumentation with embedded LTE communications chips, such as smart water meters and pressure sensors to produce data to be used in the development of the software algorithms.
Smart-city-graphic.jpg Smart Cities Dashboard in the City of Bellevue WA
Install a pilot GIS-based visual dashboard to provide improvements in the following sectors:
  • Safety and security – provide greater coverage and more efficient deployment of emergency services
  • Transportation – provide better street lighting and traffic control
  • Operational efficiencies – improve efficiency of water distribution, energy efficiency in buildings, response times, and reduce costs
  • Interactive citizen engagement – keeping residents and tourists better informed
  • Improve communications and information sharing between departments

SmartWaste2.jpg Smart Waste
A smart waste system is a type of waste management system that uses digital technology to improve the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability of waste management.
Water-meter.jpg Smart Water
A smart water system is a type of water management system that uses digital technology to improve the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability of water management.
ChapterFinance.jpg Understanding Utility IoT and Smart Cities Financing Best Practices
The Utility SuperCluster recognizes that while technology is now available; it is often difficult to secure appropriate funding to drive full scale technology adoption. Therefore, how technology is financed plays a major role in the success of IoT based solutions. This framework, while supportive of Utility centric investments, can also be applied in smart cities investments in general. This information provides a baseline for understanding challenges, government based options, and two perspectives on how to step out of the box with creative public and private sector funding opportunities. Contributions are provided by Smart Cities Council and Smart Cities Capital and is intended to provide a board understanding of this topic and framework as best practices.