Jonathan Carter

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Jonathan Carter
Name Jonathan Carter
Company Elaine AI
Company Position Chief Technology Officer
City, State Amsterdam North Holland
Country Netherlands
Sectors Wireless
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IBeacon Amsterdam.jpg Amsterdam IoT Living Laboratory and Beacon mile
We provide public networks, open infrastructure and data for developers to accelerate emerging IoT innovations for Smart City solutions
  • Glimworm creates Internet of Things infrastructure for the city of Amsterdam via the IoT Living Lab by installing Eddystone beacons, iBeacons, sensors and LoRa (long range) wireless networks that accelerate smart citizen solutions. KPN creates a digital infrastructure by connecting all objects in the city to the www.
  • The Living Lab in Amsterdam is open and implemented in public spaces to provide access to developers and solution providers to test next generation interactive (mobile) applications and sensors that also generate open data thus creating new value chains across industries and economy of scale
  • The goal of IoT Living Lab is to provide IoT infrastructure and actionable Open Data and developer friendly platforms for emerging IoT innovations which stimulates the creation of new startups and (mobile-) applications making a rapid impact on the local economy.”