Integrated Vehicle Service System

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Integrated Vehicle Service System
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Ulaanbaatar Mongolia
Team Organizations Metropolitan Department of Information Technology Ulaanbaatar Mongolia
Astvision LLC
World Smart Sustainable Cities Organization (WeGO)
Team Leaders Chinzorig Otgonsuren
Participating Municipalities Ulaanbaatar Mongolia
Status Launched
Document None


The main purpose of the project is to expand the Smart Car project to next step - Smart Car system II that will enable citizens all kind of vehicle services, integrated into one system. The main target of this project is to guarantee advanced technologies and increase the type, accessibility and quality of the vehicle related public and private sector services from one point, online.


In 2017 over Mongolia was counted 813,173 vehicles, of which 57% are registered in the capital city Ulaanbaatar.


To meet the ever-increasing demand, it is necessary to provide all possible services in integrated web portal system and connect all public and private sector services to the one point –, which enables online payment services, vehicle status information as well as provide all other vehicle-related services online.

Major Requirements

  • Develop and assemble project team
  • Create scope and requirements, project plan
  • Develop system architecture
  • Develop and upgrade web-based portal system and develop and upgrade mobile application
  • Integration of data bases of the project-related public and private sector organizations into the web services
  • Testing and launching

Performance Targets

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Measurement Methods
  • 50% of total vehicle related payments will be online in 2018
  • Accordingly, traffic jam and air pollution are expected to decrease by a certain percentage

Compare the total number of vehicles to the number of vehicles which has paid taxes and other payments online.

Standards, Replicability, Scalability, and Sustainability

  • Requires interoperable web and mobile interfaces.
  • Standardized processes are not unique to city or region and can be replicated and scaled up in multiple cities/communities/over country.

Cybersecurity and Privacy web portal is located on the virtual server of National Data Center of Mongolia. Accordingly, system and services are ensuring the cybersecurity and privacy of internationally accepted standards.


  1. Citizens will be able to get all the vehicle related information and pay their due taxes, payments any time during the year without any bureaucracy and loosing time for the queue and traffic.
  2. Improving quality of lives
  3. Improvement of interrelation between governmental organization
  4. Governmental organizations data base will be more organized, ordered, non-overlapped and Tax income will be fast and efficient.


The system will be real-time working web portal with mobile application and the main principle of working process is that: user types vehicle ID number on a search line, then system accesses to the data bases of the government organizations via web service and shows related information of the vehicle, such as: due tax, payment status, the amount of tax and payments. Also displays inspection check status, history of accidents and violation information. If user wants, he/she can pay the payment amount using e-commerce system.