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Heather Chatto
Name Heather Chatto
Company PDX Main Streets
Company Position Sustainable Designer + Urban Planner
City, State Portland OR
Country United States
Sectors Buildings


Buckman Resilience600.jpg CIVIC school HUBS
NSF CIVIC grant to incubate the Federal School Infrastructure Toolkit for more resilience Community services. A pilot program with be developed with the BENSON school district in Portland, and woven into the urban/rural network of the Metro regional emergency response.

GreenUrban.jpg Regenerative Urbanism
Regenerative urbanism is a philosophy and approach to urban design and development that aims to create cities and communities that not only sustain themselves, but also improve the health and well-being of both the natural environment and the people who live in them.
ResilientHubChapter.jpg Resilience Hubs
This chapter demonstrates how integrated smart systems that draw on a number of technologies, processes, and data can enable a community structures to function more efficiently for their main purpose as well as be prepared to serve as a “community resiliency hub” and/or “emergency shelter” as needed. Selecting a school as a community resilience hub leverages its existing function for families already charged with protecting children, employing vetted professionals, and communicating with parents, public safety agencies, and city government as well as embuing the school with some additional important functions and responsibilities to an extended community population. (The pilot for this project--using the Buckman School in Portland, Oregon--received a National Science Foundation Planning Grant in 2022.)