GlobalReach Technology

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GlobalReach Technology
NIST Sector Transportation
GICS Industrial Software & Services
Smart Tag(s)
Business type Public
Year Founded 2012
Founder(s) Nigel Wesley
City, State London
Country United Kingdom
Region Served Worldwide
Executives Nigel Wesley
Revenue $24M€ 21.12 <br />£ 17.76 <br />CA$ 30.48 <br />CNY 151.92 <br />KRW 29.411 <br />
Number of employees 35
Sponsorship Level Of Interest

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We deliver a secure connection to the internet. We're the leader in seamless Passpoint authentication and a specialist in secure identity and access.


Swansea Arena External.jpg Fast Wi-Fi boost for Copr Bay
Fast and reliable Wi-Fi technology is being introduced in Swansea's emerging new Copr Bay district, letting thousands of people stream content at the same time to their mobile devices.