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GO-PS Gyeonggi Open Platform for SmartCity
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Gyeonggi Open Platform for SmartCity
Team Organizations Gyeonggi Research Institute (GRI)
Gyeonggido Business & Science Accelerator (GBSA)
Gyeonggi Content Agency
AOSystem co. Ltd.
BlueSignal Inc.
Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
Eulji University
Eumstory Inc.
ExoAtlet Asia co. Ltd.
H Energy co. Ltd.
HisCares co. Ltd.
I&C technology
Korea Energy Agency (KEA)
Korea Environment Corporation
Korea Institute of Building Energy Technology(KBeT)
Korea Telecom (KT)
Korean Agency for Technology and Standards
Multiple Intelligence Institute Co. Ltd.
National Information Society Agency
Neomac Inc.
Pyeongtaek University
Smart City Korea Inc.
sTraffic co.Ltd.
Suwon Research Institute
Taesung Environmental Research Institute Co.
Technology and Shared Value
Team Leaders TaeKyung Kim
Participating Municipalities Gyeonggi Korea
Goyang Korea
Guri Korea
Pocheon Korea
Pyeongtaek Korea
Suwon Korea
Yongin Korea
Status Launched
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GO⋅PS is a smart city standard platform to utilize the element technology of the age of 4th Industrial Revolution as a means to solve urban problems. The Gyeonggi Province of Korea, along with Gyeonggi Research Institute (GRI) and Gyeonggido Business and Science Accelerator (GBSA), is currently creating and operating an industry-academia-related consultative body to create a sustainable business model. GO⋅PS matches companies, research institutes, and academics according to the demand of public urban matters, and uses its technologies, research works, and consulting methods to create solutions for problems and have them collected on the platform. The GO・PS is currently comprised of three large departments namely, Smart Transport, Smart Energy, and Smart Healthcare. (It is planned to be expanded with more departments in the future)


So far, in most of the cases, majority of the projects were carried out in a way to create performances by implementing such projects in accordance with the guidelines whenever the public or the central government launched them. The biggest disadvantage with this approach is that the project does not last long and becomes short-lived, and even though not a necessary business, there are cases where it is forcibly implemented to gain support from the central government or receive budgets.


GO⋅PS is hereby to propose a new method of project that moves away from the existing method of project that were mainly implemented in Korea, which was so called the Top-down method. The GO⋅PS aims to find out the real problems which each city has, and network it with other institutes including private companies to find solutions.

Major Requirements

  1. First of all, it is important to discover the urban problems and find public demands.
  2. Then, find the enterprises, research institutes or academics that have solutions
  3. match them through networking
  4. Provide a platform for solutions that enables the entities to solve the problem on their own while implementing the projects.

The goal of this project is largely divided into: (1) Social problem solving type (2) and innovation creator type, but both can be considered as a goal in a single unit.

  • In the case where solving the social problem being dealt more: ① In the case where the problem is the one that needs to be addressed urgently by the society, public funds of the central government or Gyeonggi Province may be injected on a certain scale or more, or can be implemented by using crowd funding ② In the case of solving problems in a certain specified city, the project will be able to be implemented through public funds of the city, investment funds of participating private companies, crowd funding, and central government budget under a certain level.
  • As for creating the innovation ecosystem ③ It could be implemented through applying public budget from the Gyeonggi Province, attraction of the private funds, Crowd Funding, Venture Capital etc if it needs to be commonly known in the society, ④ And in the case of projects aimed at creating innovative ecosystems of specific cities, it is possible to promote the projects through budgets of more than a certain size and attracting private investment.

Performance Targets

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Measurement Methods

The Gyeonggi Province is one of eight provinces of Korea, and is consisted of 31 cities and counties. The operational structure of the GO ∙ PS operation is to identify, match, and network the companies, researchers, and educational institutions to identify and solve as many urban problems as possible within the Gyeonggi Province, and is difficult to quantify it through the target index. However, since launching in September 2018, it is participated by seven local entities (cities) and 31 leading enterprises and organizations in Korea so far, and will be planning to gather more participants in the future.

The biggest benefit in implementing a project through the GO · PS structure is that it can prevent the waste of budget due to redundant investments, which in turn, makes efficient use of taxes. Also, it has the advantage of deploying the right skills at the right place and solving problems or building innovation ecosystems. GO · PS currently is consisted of three subcommittees: Smart Traffic, Smart Energy, and Smart Healthcare. Smart Traffic is to prepare a solution to solve the traffic congestion related matters. Smart Energy is to create energy market led by the local residents, and Smart Healthcare is responding to the projects such as fine dust matters, establishment of suicide prevention system using ICT technology, and healthcare system using rehabilitation robots.

Standards, Replicability, Scalability, and Sustainability

After the solution of the current project is proposed, some projects that are active in this will be actually implemented and those methods will be informed and applied to the 31 local entities of the Gyeonggi Province, entire Korea and the whole world. Because the local entities and related enterprises participate from the initial phase of the solution development, they have a strong will to implement the projects and can constantly revise and supplement them. In addition, we expect that the GO・PS system will become more known and established in Gyeonggi-do, which will result in more participants and standardization and expansion as various solutions that will be created.

Cybersecurity and Privacy

One of the key reasons for establishing the platforms such as GO・PS lead by Gyeonggi Province(public) is to collect each of the solutions to have them shared. Also, when each of the organization/institute creates a solution, the public (governance) participates as a joint entity of the project from the beginning to protect the sensitive data, and then, plays the role of adjusting and distributing the data of each participating company. The GO · PS will collect and provide the necessary data to support projects in each field, and the issues of "Cybersecurety and Privacy" will be responded by using the G-IoT network of Korea National Information Society Agency (NIA).

One of the key issues in the commercialization of the GO·PS is the protection of intellectual property rights and the sharing of profits through the promotion of public-private partnerships, which will vary depending on individual projects in each of the fields, and the GO·PS will play a role as an intermediary partner to find ways to implement and resolve them.


By participating in the GO · PS to create solutions for solving urban problems and promoting proving projects, local entities will be able to create a proof that will solve the urban matters, while enterprises will be able to create markets that can secure profitability. Among the various projects currently being promoted for example, in the field of "smart health care", by introducing a physical therapy system using a rehabilitation robot, patients will be able to participate in the rehabilitation program more easily at low cost, while creating a new job called “robot therapist” to seek effects.


  • The umbrella institutes of the Gyeonggi Province which support GOPS(Gyeonggi Research Institute, Gyeonggido Business & Science Accelerator, Gyeonggi Content Agency, Gyeonggi TECHNOPARK, Advanced Institute of Convergence Technology etc)are playing the role of brokers that could match & cooperate the civil technologies and other researches along with public demands regarding the urban problems etc.
  • First, the Gyeonggi Province is to form a working group per each respective field (In 2018, the priority is given & selected to smart transport / smart health care / smart energy) and for that the working groups for (1) Establishment of solutions to solve urban problems and (2) proposal of proof project has been formed.
  • Second, the Working Group creates a project planner for each respective city’s problems and create a demonstrable business models in the participating municipalities. - The project planner includes various budgeting methods such as use of the public budget, private investments and funding etc.
  • Third, the Gyeonggi Province and its umbrella institutes first reviews the project planner documents, and in order to prove the projects that are deemed to be plausible we would support in a various aspect such as (1) the public budget support or investment methods, (2) administrative support and review on the regulations.

As for the part regarding GCTC Expo in 2019, this shows and explains a series of courses that have been organized and operated by the GO・PS in details. It will be exhibited in the following stages, namely:

  1. The initial project launch to commencement of the working group under the name of GO・PS,
  2. The stage until each of the fields are created in the following (Smart Trans port/Smart Energy/Smart Healthcare),
  3. The process in which the solutions to solve the urban problems in the respective fields and
  4. and is to schedule to show up to the contents of the respective solutions.

Based on these exhibitions, it is scheduled to will participate the GCTC Expo presentations, and there,

  1. The importance of building and networking platforms such as GCTC or GO・PS,
  2. Stories about challenges or difficulties the creators faced in pursuing the GO · PS,
  3. the tasks and efforts that needs to be continued throughout the future and,
  4. And methods on how to work closely in link with global networks such as GCTC etc. will be presented.