Fred Payne

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Fred Payne
Name Fred Payne
Company CA4 Innovation Charities dba Carolina RIDES+
Company Position Chair
City, State Simpsonville South Carolina
Country United States
Sectors Transportation
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Ca4-innovation.png Carolinas Alliance 4 Innovation
The Greenville vision is a multimodal and multi-jurisdictional transportation plan across GPATS from Greenville Spartanburg (GSP) airport through Greenville’s urban areas to Clemson University. The modes include elevated, driverless car transit network system (ATN) aka personal rapid transit (PRT); smarter bus transit (including bus and traffic light sensors and electric buses); connected, assisted, or automated LSEV shuttle services; and more bike and pedestrian-friendly pathways. GreenVillages development will occur around mobility hubs. People live in GreenVillages development and connect at transportation nodes to work, shop, learn, heal and play. Better connectivity for people living along urban corridors helps deal with the issues of first/last mile transport so they would not need to own a car, and reduces traffic congestion, air pollution, transportation costs and traffic accidents.