Electric Mobility Hub Demonstration

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Electric Mobility Hub Demonstration
Mobility Hub PGE.jpg
Electric Mobility Hub
Team Organizations Portland General Electric
Team Leaders Shanna Brownstein
Participating Municipalities Portland OR
Sectors Transportation
Status Concept only Stage
Last Updated June 30, 2022


An inviting & equitable community space that showcases electric mobility, integrates the street to the neighborhood, and serves as a model for future hubs.


  • Articulate to Oregon businesses, local governments, and citizens that Oregon’s electric mobility benefits all people and all business types
  • Position Oregon as the national leader in transportation electrification that benefits all people and all business types


  • Create statewide PR campaign that weaves together diverse transportation electrification projects in Oregon into a cohesive narrative
  • Engage Oregonians through fun interactions that educate on transportation electrification-related projects & programs

Education & Engagement

  • Middle School Design/Build Challenge
  • Electric Mobility Hub Demo Project
  • App-Based Game
PGE Mobility Hub