Einride arrived in the United States

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Published 2021-11-22
Point(s) of Contact https://www.linkedin.com/company/einride/
Organization(s) Einride
Where New York NY
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Press Release

Einride arrived in the United States via New York, entering the most competitive freight market in the world with new products, a promise of new jobs, and a bold vision for the future of transportation.

"If you're afraid of competition, you're afraid of winning. That's why we threw down our gloves and entered the U.S. market,” said Robert Falck, founder and CEO.

At the official launch event in NYC, Einride introduced a range of new products adapted specifically for the U.S. market.

Einride Saga is the brain behind it all, the intelligent software that coordinates, optimizes, and digitizes your shipping network and makes it actionable on your phone. Book deliveries, explore data, orchestrate shipments, and evolve to a cleaner and smarter way of transport execution.

An evolution of the innovation that started it all, the Flatbed Pod is an electric and autonomous truck that’s compatible with standard shipping containers and customizable to meet specialized industry needs. It provides the flexibility necessary to bring autonomous and electric tech to countless new applications.

Oversee and operate Pods from anywhere in the world with the Remote Driving Station, creating a new type of job to help offset labor shortages in the trucking industry. “When other players are saying ‘we don’t need a driver,’ we’re saying we do need a driver, but they’re going to have a new type of job,” said Robert Falck.

Creating 2,000 new jobs

In conjunction with the launch, Einride signed a list of versatile partners, including tech partners Ericsson and Siemens, and customers Bridgestone and GE Appliances.

Within a 5 year period, Einride will also create 2,000 jobs in the U.S. across the supply chain of electric and autonomous transport, from infrastructure installation and maintenance to the widespread construction of 5G networks and remote Pod operators. The world’s first remote driver has already been hired, and will be further introduced in the coming months.

Mission: electrify America


Einride is on a mission to drive electrification in America. Over 40% of U.S. road transportation could go electric right now, pinpointing a source of untapped business potential and massive environmental impact.

“Our system is not a compromise, it’s a better solution. We’re not going electric only because of the benefit of sustainability, we’re going electric because it’s the most competitive way of doing transport. It’s cheaper, it’s safer, it’s more efficient,” said Robert Falck.

Watch the launch event