Chunghwa Telecom

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Chunghwa Telecom
NIST Sector Wireless
GICS Industrial Communication Services
Smart Tag(s)
Business type Public
Year Founded June 15, 1996
Founder(s) Taiwanese government
City, State Zhongzheng Taipei
Country Taiwan
Region Served Country
Executives Yu Cheng
Revenue $7.300 billion€ 6.424 <br />£ 5.402 <br />CA$ 9.271 <br />CNY 46.209 <br />KRW 8.946 <br />
Number of employees 22,913
Sponsorship Level Of Interest

Chunghwa Telecom Company, Ltd. (Chinese: 中華電信股份有限公司) is the largest telecommunications company in Taiwan and the incumbent local exchange carrier of PSTN, Mobile, and broadband services in the country.


Taichung-city.jpg Community Traffic Guidance and Control System for Natural Disaster Emergency Response
Integrate city-wide traffic monitoring systems, identify disaster area and automate the traffic control over the zone. Research and develop alternative routes for emergency responders, public safety officials and citizens. Provide real time information on traffic to citizens and city decision makers.
GoSmart600.jpg Global Organization of Smart Cities GO SMART
* Currently many cities in the world are facing similar challenges and have therefore developed their own Smart City strategy and are running their own Smart City projects. Considering the similarity of the challenges, there lies huge potential in effective knowledge exchange and collaboration.
  • GO SMART aims to facilitate collaboration and knowledge exchange between Smart Cities, by means of one-on-one matchmaking, opportunity reports and workshops.
Kaohsiung MRT Red Line Train.jpg Intelligent Transportation System applications in Kaohsiung City
Create an intelligent traffic monitoring system connected to real-time Traffic Information System to reduce traffic congestion and raise the road safety in the city. Including telecom big data analysis for plan of traffic improvement strategy, congestion prediction and alert, intelligent parking guidance and Cooperative Vehicle-Infrastructure System for intersection safety.