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Benson Chan
Name Benson Chan
Company Strategy of Things
Company Position Chief Operating Officer
City, State San Francisco CA
Country United States
Sectors Buildings
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Collaboration Opportunities in Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.jpg Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic - A collaboration framework for cities and solutions providers
The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted cities and communities worldwide. Although cities have emergency and disaster response plans, the scale of the outbreak has strained their resources and capabilities. “Smart City” technologies, with their innovative digital approaches and capabilities, offer the potential to facilitate city responses to COVID-19. As a result, municipalities have turned to technology companies for help.

Blueprint Chapters

ROIConsiderations.jpg Benefit, Value and Return on Investment (ROI) Considerations
Smart buildings are one “bottom up” component of a smart city. They incorporate advanced and integrated digital technologies, algorithms and analytics, to bring new and significant value to tenants, building owners and operators. These benefits range from increased tenant productivity, comfort, a safe and healthy environment, lower operating costs, and higher satisfaction. While the benefits and Return on Investment (ROI) of smart buildings are well documented for tenants, occupants, and building owners and operators, similar information for cities is limited at best.
IoTChapter.jpg Internet of Things
The scope of this Blueprint will be on the IoT networks themselves – the physical and logical layers, not necessarily the software applications and data generated therefrom.