Beaverton Electric Bus Pilot

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Beaverton Electric Bus Pilot
Trimet electric bus sunset tc feature.jpg
Beaverton Electric Bus Pilot
Team Organizations TriMet
Portland General Electric
Team Leaders Young Park
Participating Municipalities Beaverton OR
Sectors Transportation
Status Launched
Last Updated August 17, 2022


TriMet purchased five electric buses thanks to a federal grant and support from Portland General Electric. These buses will operate on 62-Murray Blvd in Beaverton. This route — which runs from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m., covers 13 miles and climbs nearly 700 feet in elevation — allows TriMet to test these buses under tough, real-world conditions getting a sense of overall performance. The plan is to understand how these buses handle everyday wear-and-tear and what maintenance schedules should be.

62-Murray Blvd Route