Albert Presto

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Albert Presto
Name Albert Presto
Company Carnegie Mellon University
Company Position Assistant Research Professor
City, State Pittsburgh PA
Country United States
Sectors Buildings
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Sensors-RAMPS.jpg Low-cost Air Quality Monitoring RAMPs in Pittsburgh PA
The proposed project will deploy 30 Real Time, Multi-Pollutant Sensors (RAMPs) at traffic intersections currently managed by the Scalable Urban Traffic Control (SURTRAC) Intelligent Traffic control system, an adaptive traffic control system that optimizes traffic flows in the East Liberty corridor of Pittsburgh (see figure below). These RAMP sensors are portable, low-cost sensors for gaseous air pollutants and particulate matter (PM) that have been developed at Carnegie Mellon and will be mounted on utility poles, using the access already provided by SURTRAC for their equipment.

The existing SURTRAC architecture in East Liberty provides an important platform to study urban air quality through unprecedented approaches that could be replicated across city neighborhoods and which could eventually be scaled across the Pittsburgh metropolitan region. No other system like this currently exists.