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4Dialog Logo.png
Sector Data
Industrial Software & Services
Business type Limited Liability Company
Year Founded 2008
Founder(s) Christer Lindstrom
City, State San Jose, CA
Country United States
Region Served Worldwide
Executives Christer Lindstrom CEO
Revenue $487,200€ 414,120,000,000 <br />£ 375,144 <br />
Number of employees 4
Sponsorship Level Sponsor

4Dialog helps better share your vision using 4D simulation models. Each model showcase your project in virtual twin of the physical site – including buildings, terrain, infrastructure, people and vegetation – and offers the ability to compile ideas and plans from multiple stakeholders in one unified visualization.



This positively influence the entire project process by:

  • Simplify the communication of new technologies and ideas
  • Reduce errors, help manage risk and facilitate better decision-making
  • Making it easier to convey a full understanding of your development to your stakeholders, potential customers and the community at large
  • More effectively demonstrate design options in planning meetings and community/stakeholder discussion
  • Help attract interest and excitement about what is coming ahead

In addition, a 4D model can be reused and expanded to incorporate new development projects and generate a stream of marketing materials.