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Team Organizations General Services Administration
Point of Contact
Participating Municipalities Washington DC
Sectors Data
Status Launched
Last Updated July 22, 2024

Summary is a website operated by the U.S. federal government that provides access to datasets and other resources related to government activities and policies. It is intended to make government data more easily accessible to the public, with the goal of increasing transparency and enabling citizens to better understand and engage with their government. offers a wide variety of data sets and resources, including data on topics such as agriculture, education, energy, finance, health, and more. The website also includes tools and resources for developers, such as APIs and code libraries, to help people use the data in creative and innovative ways. is an active project of the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) that provides access to data, tools, and resources from various federal agencies. The platform is designed to increase transparency and make government information more accessible to the public. is currently up and running, and you can visit the website ( to access a wide range of data and resources from federal agencies. If you encounter any issues while using, you can contact the team at for assistance. The types of data available on include:

  • Demographic data: This includes data on population, age, race, income, education, and other social and economic characteristics.
  • Economic data: This includes data on employment, unemployment, GDP, trade, and other economic indicators.
  • Environmental data: This includes data on air and water quality, climate, natural disasters, and other environmental topics.
  • Geographic data: This includes data on maps, land use, elevation, and other geographic features.
  • Health data: This includes data on diseases, epidemics, health care access, and other health-related topics.
  • Science and research data: This includes data on scientific research, technology development, and other scientific topics.
  • Transportation data: This includes data on roads, bridges, public transportation, and other transportation-related topics.
  • Weather data: This includes data on temperature, precipitation, storms, and other weather-related topics.

TFor a complete list of the data and resources that are available, you can visit the website ( and browse the various categories listed on the site.