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DKS-logo-Black high-res.jpg
NIST Sector Transportation
GICS Industrial Transportation
Smart Tag(s)
Business type Other
Year Founded 1979
Founder(s) Randy McCourt
Peter Coffey
City, State Portland OR
Country United States
Region Served Country
Executives Peter Coffey
Revenue $1.5M€ 1.32 <br />£ 1.11 <br />CA$ 1.905 <br />CNY 9.495 <br />KRW 1.838 <br />
Number of employees 50
Sponsorship Level Of Interest

Adrian Pearmine.jpegPeter Coffey.jpeg

A transportation planning and transportation engineering firm that uses technology and innovation to advance integrated, functional, and implementable solutions that meet the transportation challenges our cities are facing in the 21st century. We work with clients and communities to enhance mobility by providing quality planning, design, and operations services. We are experts connecting communities.


PortlandSmartTransport.png Portland Connected Intelligent Transportation
This project focuses on developing a sensor-connected “smart” corridor in Portland where transit data, traffic signalization, and air quality sensing are made available in a data portal with data visualization and analytics to improve transportation options, public health, economic development and civic engagement.


The transportation industry is poised for transformational change. As automation and electrified vehicle technologies rapidly advance, our vehicles are becoming connected to each other and to the world around them.

Smart Mobility

Transportation Planning

We plan for a future that seamlessly and safely integrates transportation infrastructure, using our expert knowledge of corridor planning, regional and area wide planning, travel demand forecasting, transportation management, active transportation, and shared mobility.

Transportation Engineering

We apply the latest traffic operation simulations, forecasting and control systems for all modes of travel to our planning and engineering projects. We analyze and design traffic signals and traffic signal control systems, interchanges, roadways, freeway management systems and active traffic management systems. From signing and striping to lighting and communications network design, we improve the function of our nation’s transportation networks.