Affiliated Engineers

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Affiliated Engineers
Affiliated Engineers.png
NIST Sector Utility
GICS Industrial Capital Goods
Smart Tag(s)
Business type Limited Liability
Year Founded 1927
Founder(s) John Flad
City, State Madison, WI
Country United States
Region Served Worldwide
Executives Marko Becir
Alan Locke
Stephen Cooke
Revenue $84.29 million€ 74.175 <br />£ 62.375 <br />CA$ 107.048 <br />CNY 533.556 <br />KRW 103.293 <br />
Number of employees 700
Sponsorship Level Of Interest

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Affiliated Engineers, Inc. (AEI) provides engineering leadership for complex projects supporting clients who improve lives and protect the future. From better medicines, climate-sensitive energy supply and sustainable utilization, to cutting-edge healthcare, new paradigm technologies, and education at the highest level, our mission drives us to find unique solutions to solve our clients’ challenges. In so doing, we are an integral element of innovation, positively impacting society.