William Baver

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William Baver
Name William Baver
Company NTT
Company Position VP Smart Platform
City, State Wayne PA
Country United States
Sectors Data
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Smart City Las Vegas.jpg The NTT Smart Cities Solution for the City of Las Vegas
NTT Smart Cities Solution leverages IoT edge analytics for public safety. High definition video cameras, sound and motion sensors, and an array of IoT devices are integrated and deployed to monitor a location or venue to create a multi-channel solution. The solution, in turn, provides situational awareness, warnings and alerts to city agencies and venue security teams of incidents as they develop.

The system proactively provides early notification of potential and active public safety incidents to command and control authorities. If the city deems it appropriate they then notify the appropriate first responders. By leveraging advanced analytics including machine learning technologies, the system “learns” normal patterns and detects patterns that appear abnormal. The initial use cases are limited to specific types of incidents that can be detected through video and sound sensor analytics running on edge compute devices as well as social media monitoring. As the system evolves, we expect to expand detection capabilities to detect and alert to a wider variety of incident types.

Our current solution includes technology for “lost person” identification and “vehicle identification”, to assist should an Amber Alert be issued. It also includes wrong way vehicle detection. Future plans could also include facial recognition modules or other advanced detection components and may also include more automated incident response component for greater awareness of the developing situation.