Wei Bin Lee

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Wei Bin Lee
Name Wei Bin Lee
Company National Chung Cheng Universit
Company Position Professor
City, State Zhubei City Hsinchu County
Country United States
Sectors Wellbeing
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Taipei Smart City Living Lab.png Taipei Smart City Living Lab
* Taipei has been transformed into a living lab through the efforts of public-private partnership. The matchmaking mechanism efficiently solves city problems and citizen demands, as well as instantly promoting government plans and integrating private resources. It is a much more positive and comprehensive approach, compared to the methods adopted by other cities, promoting their projects either in a top-down or bottom-up fashion.
  • Once this matching mechanism matures, Taiwan’s smart city industry will be in full motion and many solutions will be quickly copied by other international cities. At that point, Taipei will become a focal point for the smart city brand and best practice model.