Trip to Scandinavia

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Municipalities Copenhagen DenmarkMalmo SwedenStockholm SwedenHelsinki Finland


From: 01 Jun 2008 - To - 01 Jun 2008

Description: The trip’s focus was on sustainability, in which Scandinavia is a world’s leader

  1. Scandinavia has had tremendous success in energy conservation;
    • Green energy drives the mindset.
    • Very impressive is distinct heating grids (Note: Needs explanation) using energy from waste generated by industry
  2. Also, in planning and policy around transportation:
    • Stockholm has toll - based access to the city (which Portland might consider)
  3. Scandinavia offers models for renewable energy, cycling infrastructure, mass transit, and in Stockholm
  4. The trip started Copenhagen, then went to Malmo Sweden, then Stockholm, then Helsinki. (The trip did not look at energy conservation in Norway, because that country is dependent on fossil fuels)
  5. They develop public - private partnerships for many projects