Suwon Song

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Suwon Song
Name Suwon Song
Company KoreaInstitute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology
Company Position
City, State Goyang-si Gyeonggi-do
Country Korea
Sectors Buildings
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Suwon.jpeg IoT-based Smart Energy Management System for Smart Green City
The purpose of this research is to develop the convergence technologies of IoT-based smart energy management system that can minimize building energy use and utility bills. To accomplish the goal, The research objectives are proposed in the followings:
  • Development of IoT-based optimal control and performance evaluation technology based on big data analysis,
  • Development of IoT- based smart energy management platform, IoT devices, and application technology
  • Development of 3D object-oriented information modeling and data visualization based on Geographic information system(GIS)
  • Establishment of test-beds with an integrated smart energy management system