Smart Buildings: A Foundation for Safe, Healthy & Resilient Cities

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Published 2020-08-03
Point(s) of Contact Jiri Skopek
Organization(s) Global City Teams Challenge
Where Washington DC
Press Release

The SBSC Blueprint aims to inform smart city stakeholders (municipalities, developers, integrators, property owners, and managers) about the design of smart buildings within the broader framework of the smart city.

This Blueprint is meant for municipalities of all sizes from small township to metropolis, each making use of the document in a way that best suits them. As such, the terms of “city” and “municipality” will be used interchangeably to support this intention. Further, the Blueprint describes the smart building ecosystem and explores how smart buildings can be deployed in support of smart city objectives to:

  • Provide a sustainable, resilient, safe, robust and thriving community for its citizens, and public and private constituents;
  • Accelerate the deployment of smart city, Internet of Things enabled, connected infrastructure;
  • Infuse robust and adaptive features into the smart city infrastructure through integrated smart building designs;
  • Provide a roadmap to sustainable advantage and ROI for communities that adopt this approach;
  • Enable the development and deployment of broader municipal smart applications; and
  • Support municipal and regional economic development and growth.

The Blueprint further explores smart buildings as the building blocks of smart cities, attracting corporations, vertical markets, job seekers and entrepreneurs, who will bring their business and their homes to a municipality, and contribute to a region’s success while enjoying happiness, health, wellness and local prosperity.

Because this is a living document, the SBSC invites readers to return to this section to find updates. SBSC members are also available for discussion, brainstorming, collaboration on topics readers would like to see further explored.