Shirahama Japan

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Shirahama Japan
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Shirahama Beach
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Type of Municipality Town
Date Established April 1, 1889
Area 77.60 sq.mi77.6 sqmi <br />77.6 sq_mi <br />200.983 <br />49,664 Acres <br />
Elevation 108 ft32.918 m <br />
Population 20,70420,704 people <br />
Timezone UTC+9

Shirahama is a town in Nishimuro District, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan. As of 31 October 2021, the town had an estimated population of 20,704 in 11024 households and a population density of 100 persons per km².[1] The total area of the town is 200.98 square kilometres (77.60 sq mi).


NerveNet.jpeg NerveNet: Regional Resilient IoT Platform
Project Description Points
  • Shirahama is a town on the Pacific coast having a beautiful beach, attracting more than three million tourists. Nearly 10 % are inbound, demanding free Wi-Fi Internet service. It has been promoting “Work in Shirahama”.
  • Shirahama, on the other hand, has to prepare for earthquakes and tsunamis because it is officially said the probability of a large, M8-M10 class earthquake occurring within 30 years is approximately 70%.
  • The project aims at clarifying the effectiveness of a resilient communication platform called NerveNet, developed by NICT, which provides resilient local communication as well as connectivity to the Internet.


Shirahama is located on the Pacific coast of the Kii Peninsula in the southwestern part of Wakayama prefecture. Many hot springs can be found here, most notably Nanki-Shirahama Onsen.


Shirahama has a Humid subtropical climate characterized by warm summers and cool winters with light to no snowfall. The average annual temperature in Shirahama is 17.1 °C (62.8 °F). The average annual rainfall is 2,025.1 mm (79.73 in) with July as the wettest month. The temperatures are highest on average in August, at around 27.6 °C (81.7 °F), and lowest in January, at around 7.1 °C (44.8 °F).[2] The area is subject to typhoons in summer.