Sharonica Hardin

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Sharonica Hardin
Name Sharonica Hardin
Company The School District of University City
Company Position Superintendent
City, State St Louis MO
Country United States
Sectors Wellbeing
Consulting: {{{skill}}}


Danforth-aerial.jpg World Digital School
Cities and communities around the world are entering the next era of transformational change in which citizens and their surrounding natural and built environments are increasingly connected by digital technologies. In the coming digital industrial revolution, technology will widen the playing field to include greater participation of individuals and ideas from all walks of life as we reinvent who and what we are. These technologies not only have the potential to build a more inclusive community, but when thoughtfully applied could help realize greater socio-economic gains. Conversely, if these technologies are not available to all, we would fragment our communities more than they are today.

Smart Cities are %90 sociology and %10 infrastructure.