Sarah Tyree

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Sarah Tyree
Name Sarah Tyree
Company CoBank
Company Position Vice President
City, State Washington DC
Country United States
Sectors Wellbeing
Consulting: {{{skill}}}


Rural Care Macon Georgia.jpg Virtual Care Delivery Model to Sustainably Expand the Capacity and Reach of Health Systems to Deliver High-Quality Care in Rural Communities
  • Leverage cutting-edge mobile software platform to empower healthcare providers to effectively extend care beyond brick-and-mortar facilities and deliver clinical support in a coordinated, data-driven, and timely manner
  • Empower patients with technology to become active stakeholders in their care
  • Shift from a reactive model of care (care delivery only when patient is sick) to a more proactive, continuous one (intervening sooner and keeping patients healthy through monitoring/virtual communication)
  • Strengthen communities and populations by using improved access to care as a fulcrum