Reza Arghandeh

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Reza Arghandeh
Name Reza Arghandeh
Company Western Norway University
Company Position Head of Data Science Group
City, State Bergen
Country Norway
Sectors Wellbeing
Consulting: {{{skill}}}


UHDNetCity.jpg User-centered Heterogeneous Data Fusion for Multi-networked City Mobility UHDNetCity
Both sentient and sensual, the smart city is based on the identification of millions of occurrences around the mobility from evaluating residents consumption of water and energy, to recording traffic on road network, to communication network congestion on hot spots, to measure air quality, and tracking public opinions on social networks. This project aims to characterize urban mobility in smart cities, which are interconnected and interdependent sociotechnical systems. Our objectives are:
  • Create a data-fusion tool for integrating heterogeneous data from various urban infrastructure and social media.
  • Enhance citizen participation in urban mobility characterization using a smart phone app such as DigiTally in Tallahassee.
  • Define new indices to measure mobility as a multidimensional spatiotemporal entity in the city ecosystem.