Qaiser Mehmood

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Qaiser Mehmood
Name Qaiser Mehmood
Company Novartis
Company Position FAIR Data Engineer
City, State Galway
Country Ireland
Sectors Data
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NUIGalway.jpg A Perspective towards a New Normality and Working Conditions following COVID-19
After the first outbreak on COVID-19 in China, the spread to Europe and other continents, the WHO’s pandemic declaration, the already long duration of confinement conditions in some countries and the unknown effects on everybody’s life, we are yet to see the long effects of the pandemic evolution.
WHOPandemicDeclaration.jpeg Guidelines for Individuals and Communities in Confinement amid COVID-19
A Pandemic declaration, in terms of the World Health Organisation (WHO), involves two main criteria, first the propagation of a disease in more than one continent and secondly the number of identified cases that are not imported but result from local transmission. In a pandemic, if the virus is known, it is expected that there would be procedures in place that are part of existing health protocol(s) for specific areas. Those procedures are studied and defined based on their impact on society and the number of identified cases.