Public WI-FI Supercluster Blueprint

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Published 2017-08-17
Point(s) of Contact David Witkowski
Anton Batalla
Organization(s) Global City Teams Challenge
Where San Leandro CA
Press Release

The purpose of this blueprint is to provide readers with a practical “how-to” guide for deploying a Public Wi-Fi system within their jurisdiction or agency.

The goals of the Global City Teams Challenge program are to bring together thought leaders and experts on a wide variety of topics relating to modern “Smart City” technologies and to have them share their knowledge and create best practices to assist those who are coming after them. The authors and contributors of this blueprint have designed, built, and managed Public Wi-Fi systems all over the United States and it is this spirit of collaboration and knowledge sharing that drives this effort forward.

This is intended for readers who are interested in building Public Wi-Fi systems – particularly in outdoor and large spaces – and who would like practical and real-world advice and/or have already done so and would like to continue looking for best practices. It is intended for readers at all levels of organizational decision making and influence from technologists (e.g., engineers, security experts, and IT analysts), to finance and procurement specialists, to marketing and community development specialists, to executive staff and elected officials.