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Project Count by Year
Sector 2019 2018 2017 2016 Total
Buildings 0 1 0 0 1
Cybersecurity and Privacy 2 0 0 0 2
Data 3 6 11 1 21
Education 7 9 2 0 18
Human Factors 3 0 0 0 3
Public Safety 1 5 18 1 25
Rural 2 3 1 0 6
Smart Region 5 0 0 0 5
Transportation 3 12 19 2 36
Utility 4 10 21 0 35
Wireless 0 7 5 3 15
Total 30 53 77 7 167


 In segmentYear StartedStatus
Smart Buildings Action ClusterBuildings2018Development
Building Human Centered Smart CityCybersecurity and Privacy2019Implemented
Secure Cloud Architecture SC3-cpSriACybersecurity and Privacy2019Ready for Public Announcement
GO-PS Gyeonggi Open Platform for SmartCityData2019
Taoyuan citizen cardData2019Implemented
Global Digital Single Market for Smart Cities FIWAREData2019Launched
Illuminating Smart Cities: Kansas City Runs on IoT PlatformData2018Launched
Coral Gables Smart City Hub Public PlatformData2018Implemented
Smart Beyoğlu: Digital Recollection of BeyoğluData2018Development
Saitama City Smart Community ProjectData2018Implemented
I3 Consortium Action ClusterData2018Concept only Stage
Protecting user Data in the Smart City scenarioData2018Launched
Taoyuan Mobile Citizen CardData2017Implemented
WiseTownData2017Ready for Public Announcement
Personalized Dashboard for the ResidentsData2017Launched
Taipei Smart City Living LabData2017Launched
City Insight Platform- Communities in ContextData2017
CITYDASH City-wide analytics dashboard from public and private data sourcesData2017Ready for Public Announcement
Applying Open Data to inform future Smart City DesignData2017Ready for Public Announcement
Open platform for scalable and multi-domain IoT applications for smart citiesData2017
Smart Cities Dashboard in the City of Bellevue WAData2017Implemented
Combating Urban Blight in the New York Capital Region and Mohawk ValleyData2016Launched
Data Equity for Main Street - Bring Open Data to Communities through Public LibrariesEducation2019Implemented
Smart City Diaries TV Video SeriesEducation2019In Deliberations
Smart Work Learn Play - Participatory Smart City Innovation and Digital Inclusion in Public and Subsidized HousingEducation2019Launched
South Bend Technology Resource Center- A Collaboration Platform for a Responsive Inclusive Beta CityEducation2019
DC Asset Management Lab at the University of the District of ColumbiaEducation2019Launched
Smart NeighborhoodsEducation2019Launched
Augmented Neighborhood WatchEducation2019Concept only Stage
Equity in Cybersecurity Training - A New Collaborative Pilot in ChicagoEducation2018Ready for Public Announcement
Cincinnati-Dayton Cyber CorridorEducation2018Implemented
Smart City Vision Strategic Planning and Digital Transformation MethodologyEducation2018Launched
IoT Enabled Smart City WorkshopEducation2018Implemented
World Digital SchoolEducation2018Negotiations
Connecting the Dots Technology Enhanced Aging-in-Place for Residents of Waterfront VillageEducation2018
Constituent-led Public Data and IoT Utility for Urban Health Housing and Environmental Hazard ManagementEducation2018Development
The Inclusive Smart CityEducation2018Launched
CyberCity Education PlatformEducation2017Launched
Smart City innovation HubsEducation2017Launched
Breaking the Code The UN-hackathonHuman Factors2019Ready for Public Announcement
Global Organization of Smart Cities GO SMARTHuman Factors2019Implemented
World Smart Sustainable Cities Organization WeGOHuman Factors2019Launched
Lake Tahoe Basin End Warning System and Bi-state Next Gen 911 Dispatch and Traffic Management CenterPublic Safety2019
Point Cloud City - Hancock County MississippiPublic Safety2018
Point Cloud MAP901 Building Rich Interior Hazard Maps for First RespondersPublic Safety2018Implemented
The NTT Smart Cities Solution for the City of Las VegasPublic Safety2018Implemented
Advanced Flood Warning and Environmental AwarenessPublic Safety2018Launched
Smart Wide Area Protection and Security for All from Concorde SecurityPublic Safety2018Launched
StormSensePublic Safety2017Implemented
GEO Fencing Predictive Policing solutions to reduce response times for first respondersPublic Safety2017Concept only Stage
Community Traffic Guidance and Control System for Natural Disaster Emergency ResponsePublic Safety2017
Safe Community Awareness and Alerting Network (SCALE)Public Safety2017Implemented
Indoor GPS-denied First Responder Location and Tracking SolutionsPublic Safety2017Launched
Deployable Communications and Incident Command System for Emergency Response and Disaster RecoveryPublic Safety2017
Real Time ResiliencePublic Safety2017
Smartphone-based technology that connects agencies with private contractors during snow emergenciesPublic Safety2017Launched
Next Generation Resilient Warning Systems for Tornados and Flash FloodsPublic Safety2017Implemented
Tech-secure CityPublic Safety2017
Clarity Amidst Chaos – How AI is Enhancing Emergency PreparednessPublic Safety2017
Unraveling the Intersection of Incarceration Homelessness and Mental HealthPublic Safety2017
Smart Emergency Response System - SERSPublic Safety2017Launched
Responder to Vehicle Communication for Public Safety - HAAS AlertPublic Safety2017Launched
Video Analytics for Orlando Public SafetyPublic Safety2017Ready for Public Announcement
Microgrids Sustainable resilient mobile power for disastersPublic Safety2017Launched
First Responders on the GridPublic Safety2017Launched
SMART Emergency Medical and First Response Multiteam SystemsPublic Safety2017Launched
A Smart Crime-Curbing SystemPublic Safety2016Concept only Stage
Microclimate Prediction for Willamette Valley VineyardsRural2019
575-HOPE A technology solution to address Preparedness Response and Recovery from opioid and all types of addictionRural2019Ready for Public Announcement
Virtual Care Delivery Model to Sustainably Expand the Capacity and Reach of Health Systems to Deliver High-Quality Care in Rural CommunitiesRural2018Ready for Public Announcement
Wireless Living Lab for Smart Agriculture and Rural CommunitiesRural2018Launched
Blockchain and Public HealthRural2018Concept only Stage
MAGIC Smart Home Smart Community ProjectRural2017Launched
Tri-State Region-PA-WV-OH-Food System ProjectSmart Region2019Implemented
Smart Region Initiative Joint Venture Silicon ValleySmart Region2019Launched
Supercomputer Modeling and Artificial Intelligence Cluster for Smart Cities and RegionsSmart Region2019Ready for Public Announcement
Wabash Heartland Innovation Network - Advancing Agriculture and Manufacturing via IoTSmart Region2019Launched
Cascadia Innovation CorridorSmart Region2019Launched
The Integrated Information Platform for Smart Transportation of Tainan CityTransportation2019Implemented
Full functioned Autonomous driving development park in TaiwanTransportation2019Launched
Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for Road Infrastructure SustainabilityTransportation2019Implemented
Empowering Ruston City Services Using Wireless Sensor NetworksTransportation2018Ready for Public Announcement
Estimation of De Facto PopulationTransportation2018Ready for Public Announcement
Empowering walkable and bikeable communities using smart Decision Support System integrated with Vehicle-to-Everything communicationTransportation2018
Farm to Fork Crop TrackingTransportation2018Concept only Stage
Reduced customs clearance time with virtual extension of sea portsTransportation2018Launched
NoTraffic Pilot in Redlands CATransportation2018Launched
The mobile Edge Smart City PlatformTransportation2018Ready for Public Announcement
Integrated Vehicle Service SystemTransportation2018Launched
Web-based Platform To Quickly Test New Technologies For CitiesTransportation2018Launched
Wireless LTE Traffic Signal Control System Using IoT technology for all crossroads in Gunpo-city South KoreaTransportation2018Ready for Public Announcement
Urban Circulators utilizing Low Speed Electric VehiclesTransportation2018Launched
CIVIC Data PlatformTransportation2018Launched
Smart parking meter and road side parking managementTransportation2017Launched
Urban Mobility Transit Portal for 511 orgTransportation2017Launched
User-centered Heterogeneous Data Fusion for Multi-networked City Mobility UHDNetCityTransportation2017
Integrated Analytics and Scheduling of Emergency Responders Under UncertaintyTransportation2017
Portland Connected Intelligent TransportationTransportation2017Implemented
Busan Smart CityTransportation2017Launched
Using Real-Time Traffic Data to Improve Civic Transportation ServicesTransportation2017
Carolinas Alliance 4 InnovationTransportation2017Launched
Smart Transit Hubs - B SmartTransportation2017
Environmental Sensing Across the Metro DC RegionTransportation2017
Air Quality Monitoring in LondonTransportation2017Launched
Open Data API Platform and Analysis of Taxi DispatchTransportation2017
Final 50 Feet: Urban Goods Delivery SystemTransportation2017Launched
Smart Car TalkTransportation2017Launched
GENIVI Las Vegas Connected Vehicle Pilot ProjectTransportation2017Launched
EnvyPortoTransportation2017Ready for Public Announcement
Intelligent Transportation System applications in Kaohsiung CityTransportation2017Ready for Public Announcement
Smart and Accessible Transportation HubTransportation2017Ready for Public Announcement
Abuja City Integrated Transportation SystemTransportation2016Concept only Stage
Air Quality Sensing Wherever You Go in TaipeiTransportation2016Ready for Public Announcement
Anatomy of a Smart CityUtility2019Launched
Gyeonggi Provincial virtual power plant in Gyeonggi Open Platform for Smart cityUtility2019
Taipei Smart City ProgrammeUtility2019Implemented
Transactive Energy for Smart CitiesUtility2019Ready for Public Announcement
Flood AbatementUtility2018Implemented
Online Power Quality Monitor for Electric Utilities and MunicipalitiesUtility2018
Smart Water TechnologiesUtility2018Launched
Smart City in the Sunshine StateUtility2018Launched
Galway Smart CityUtility2018Launched
The Great Lakes Smart and Sustainable Cities ClusterUtility2018
IoT and AI based Smart Energy Management System for Smart CityUtility2018Ready for Public Announcement
Smart Waste Management SystemUtility2018Launched
Global High Impact Energy EfficiencyUtility2018Launched
Smart Waste Management & Logistics: Ecube LabsUtility2018Launched
Chula Vista Smart WaterfrontUtility2017Launched
Oil Gas well produced water localized treatment and recycle Coudersport Borough Eulalia Township PA USAUtility2017Launched
Smart Waste Management and Logistics for Municipal Solid Waste Collection OperationsUtility2017Launched
Low-cost Air Quality Monitoring RAMPs in Pittsburgh PAUtility2017
IoT-based Smart Energy Management System for Smart Green CityUtility2017
ROSE - Real Time Operational Smart Grid for EuropeUtility2017
Calabar IoT-based Smart Waste ProjectUtility2017
Low Carbon Island and Smart Bay ProjectUtility2017
An Open Architecture IoT Platform for a Sustainable Smart CityUtility2017Launched
Smart Replicable Solutions to Water-Energy Nexus ChallengesUtility2017Ready for Public Announcement
Leveraging Existing Automated Meter Reading for a Smart Alert Response TechnologyUtility2017Launched
Water Application ManagementUtility2017Launched
Underground Infrastructure Sensing and MappingUtility2017
Piloting lighting infrastructure as a service platform for smart lighting solutionsUtility2017Ready for Public Announcement
Solid Waste Management IoT SolutionUtility2017Launched
Lighting Infrastructure as a Service PlatformUtility2017Launched
PowerMatcher Blockchain Transactive EnergyUtility2017
Pittsburgh building portfolio cyber-secure, real-time utility data integration and AI analysisUtility2017Ready for Public Announcement
Non-Revenue Water Monitoring and Reduction Using Advanced LTE Communications Gwinnet County GAUtility2017
Taoyuan City Water Resources Information SystemUtility2017Launched
IoT based waste management system-Smart Garbage Monitoring SystemUtility2017Launched
NerveNet: Regional Resilient IoT PlatformWireless2018Launched
CryptoMove San Leandro Smart Lights ProjectWireless2018Implemented
IoT Device Security for Smart CitiesWireless2018Ready for Public Announcement
Project GRACEWireless2018Development
Deployment of user-friendly, secure and sustainable federated public Wi-Fi systemsWireless2018Ready for Public Announcement
Cybersecurity Risk Assessment and MitigationWireless2018Implemented
East Palo Alto Neighborhood Innovation ZoneWireless2018Launched
PA2040 Public Wi-FiWireless2017Implemented
Bay Area Unified Wi-Fi Roaming Security and Ease of UseWireless2017Concept only Stage
Connecting Communities with Public Wi-Fi technology and local Tourism mobile applicationsWireless2017Implemented
Flood JudgeWireless2017Ready for Public Announcement
SmartCU - Covenant University Smart CityWireless2017
Amsterdam IoT Living Laboratory and Beacon mileWireless2016Launched
Campus Array Node and Array of Things Network Dual DeploymentWireless2016