Poh-Shi Ko

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Poh-Shi Ko
Name Poh-Shi Ko
Company Taipei Taiwan
Company Position Senior Analyst
City, State Taipei Taiwan
Country Taiwan
Sectors Data
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Taipei Air Quality Sensing.jpg Air Quality Sensing Wherever You Go in Taipei
The proposed project will develop portable AirBox devices to facilitate mobile air quality monitoring, with a focus on PM2.5 sensing, in Taipei city. The device is small-sized and light-weight, and it uses the LoRa technology for low-power and long-range data communication. The expected results of this project are:
  1. it promotes citizen engagement of wearable environmental monitoring ranging from walking, jogging to cycling;
  2. it provides a finer spatio-temporal granularity of air quality monitoring results for further data analysis and environment awareness; and
  3. it interconnects government, academia, industry, and maker community for social good and real-world impacts.