Planning for Equitable Urban Density and Healthy Communities

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Planning for Equitable Urban Density and Healthy Communities
Date November 17, 2022
Point of Contact Charles Kelley
Organizational Partners Arbor Day Foundation
Sector Resilience
Presentation 20220721GCTC-GUD.pdf

Description: Through his leadership he has helped clients use sustainable urban design practices that give communities the greatest potential to create equitable and low carbon emitting neighborhoods.

An architect and Capital Planner with the University of Washington-Bothell, David Moehring also serves as a Commissioner with the Seattle Urban Forestry Commission. David is a champion for urban density housing opportunities while maintaining an equitable urban forest, which is key in times of evidential climate change.

Charles Kelley is a senior architect and urban designer bringing an interdisciplinary approach to integrate community aspirations, natural resources, and financial assets. Green Urban Design LLC engages with business and government using design to connect vital, equitable, and sustainable communities with nature in urban mixed-use neighborhoods. Charles brings the value of integrated design to leverage multiple objectives across mobility, watershed, energy, water, land use, and open space systems that create vital and enduring community-oriented projects.

Martha Baskin is a freelance reporter who covers a wide range of issues in her multimedia coverage of endangered species, warming oceans, alternatives to fossil fuels, growing food in unlikely places, pollinators, and climate and environmental justice. She has been a contributor to Geekwire, Seattle Globalist, Truthout, the former Seattle Post-Globe, and Crosscut as well as several community radio stations.