OMSI Workshop Infrastructure Meeting Schedule

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Part 1 – Infrastructure Review

Nov 5th - Kickoff (w/o OMSI and peripheral stakeholders) + Charrette #1 - 8:00-11:30am PST

  • Kick-off including project overview (Strawman 1.0), workshop goals, and review of the virtual meeting methodologies to be employed
  • Core-4 experts, breakout by discipline
  • Video of the event

Nov 19th - Charrette #2  - 8:00-11:00am PST

  • Breakout in cross-disciplinary teams reviewing Strawman 2.0, discussing integrated systems potentials

Dec 3rd - Charrette #3 - 8:00-11:00am PST

  • 1st Half: Continue cross-disciplinary, integrated discussion, reviewing synthesized findings from Charrette #2 (Strawman 3.0)
  • 2nd Half: Reconvene discipline-specific groups to assess the implications of the integrated thinking on each discipline’s system

Dec 10th - OMSI + Stakeholder Update (including the Part 1 industry experts) - 8:00-10:00am PST

  • 1st Half: Presentation of in-progress workshop findings (Strawman 4.0)
  • 2nd Half: Discussion + Q&A with OMSI and Stakeholders

Part 2 – Incorporate Vendors

Note: This will be a significantly larger group, that will hopefully include the Part 1 industry experts, large infrastructure design-builders, various vendors of specific solutions and technologies, and various “in-between” advisors

Dec 17th – Vendor Overview + Feedback - 8:00-11:00am PST

  • 1st Half: Present OMSI Strawman 5.0 (or “Concept 1.0”?) and synthesized findings from Part 1 charrettes
  • 2nd Half: Vendor Q&A + feedback/suggestions for future Infrastructure RFP

Part 3 – Develop Bullitt Report

Note: there may be compelling reasons to plan for a larger, more public PR and outreach event to draw attention to OMSI and garner interest of potential development tenants – this idea will be vetted and coordinated with OMSI as the Bullitt report is being completed, and will be held at OMSI’s discretion.

Dec 18th, 2020 – Jan 31st, 2021

  • Synthesize workshops materials and findings
  • Develop concept OMSI infrastructure plan for future RFP
  • Write Bullitt report and coordinate findings with second Bullitt grant submission